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      The Best Makeup School in india

      Welcome to The Best Makeup School in India

      Most makeup schools in India will claim that they offer the best makeup courses among their competitors, but what is the definition of being the best makeup school in India?

      At SMA we strive for excellence as an elite makeup makeup school through:

      • A strong theoretic backbone ensuring that our students understands why – and not only how.
      • An emphasis on many hours of hands-on training and careful guidance by instructors.
      • A diverse team of international instructors with many years experience in their respective fields ensuring that students are taught by industry professionals with specialty in each subject.
      • A highly systemised and structured approach to learning based on many years of aggregated experiences from the SMA academies.
      • A highly dedicated team of instructors, assistants and support staff who are dedicated to our students’ success.
      • An open and inclusive learning environment where everyone supports each other and where we leave no place for racism, bullying or any other kind of negative behaviour.  

      Do you want to visit SMA Makeup Academy in Bangalore, Delhi or Pune?

      Visit one of our academies and see for yourself why SMA is the best makeup school in India. We would love to give you a tour.

      Please contact us and book an appointment for an informal meeting and introduction to the programs and courses of SMA.


      • More than 40 nationalities study at SMA every year.
      • All the SMA schools are owned and directly managed by the founding partners Eva and Hilde from Norway.
      • SMA is the leading makeup school in Asia with branches in Bangkok, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Yangon.

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      SMA Pune, India
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      SMA Bangalore, India
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