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Here are some common questions.

Fees & payments

What are the fees?

The fees are listed under Programs & Courses on each course page. They vary depending on course duration, the materials used and what is included in the course package.

It is our policy that our fees include everything required through the education. We have students from all over the world, so we find it important that no surprise fees or cost are experienced by our students. 

Can I have a discount?

No, unfortunately not. At SMA we value fairness to preserve a good relationship between our students who study together for up to 12 weeks. If students pay different amounts for the same course it creates an unnecessary tension that is not beneficial to anyone.

Can I have a scholarship?

Currently we do not offer scholarships.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can.

Our standard payment plan is 1) a deposit to secure your seat upon enrolment (non refundable) and 2) either 1 or 2 instalments during the course depending on course duration.


How do I pay?

You can pay 1) in cash, 2) by bank transfer, 3) by credit card or 4) by online credit card payment.

Courses & Certification

Is SMA's certification internationally recognised?

Yes it is.

SMA’s certification is widely recognised internationally. Since 2013 SMA has educated more than 1000 professional makeup artists from over 40 different countries, so both the SMA name and certification is well established all around the world.

What are the school hours?

At SMA, all courses are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

The approximate daily program is:
10 am to 12 pm: Theory and demonstration by the instructor

12 pm to 1 pm: Lunch

Students are randomly paired 1:1 to practice the subject of the day on each other.

1 pm to 3 pm: Student 1 applies makeup on student 2
3 pm to 5 pm: Student 2 applies makeup on student 1

Will I receive a Course Certificate

Yes, when you graduate from SMA you receive the SMA Course Certificate. On the certificate is mentioned the course / program title and all the subjects included in the course.

However, at SMA we do take the certifications extremely serioustly, so if you – for whatever reason – missed certain subjects or if you did not pass the exam, the subjects will not be included on your certificate.



Career as makeup artists

Do you provide placement after education?

No, we do not provide placement after education, but we do have a long list of partners who recruit from our graduated students.

What kind of career can I have after education?

After education there are a number of different ways you can take to start your career:

1) Freelance Makeup Artist

Being a freelance makeup artist is a popular choice and it is truly a great career with lots of freedom and you will meet many different clients, venues and requirements. However, working as freelance makeup artist requires that you make an effort building your network. As a newly graduated makeup artist you might want to consider starting your career combining freelance work with another job as either retail or salon makeup artist – see below.

2) Retail Makeup Artist

Retail is a great way to kickstart your career as makeup artist. You get a lot of experience with customer service and you get to practice your skills on many different skin types. Try to apply for a job for a professional cosmetics brand with a solid training program and professional products. Both the products and the training program will help you gain valuable experience as makeup artist.

3) Salon Makeup Artist

Salon work is also a good way to kickstart your career as makeup artist. You will get experience with customer service, client management, you will get to practice building relationships for returning clients and it may feel less sales focused than retail.

Can I get an internship at SMA?

Yes, we do offer internships for 1 or 2 graduated Master Program Students per year.

At SMA we take internships very seriously. The internships are a full 12 weeks Master Makeup Artistry Program and is a chance for the intern to re-experience the Master Program from the inside of the SMA organisation.

The internship is not a guarantee for a paid position at SMA after finalised internship.

Can I work for SMA after graduation?

At SMA we believe, that our work is our “Passion”. Hence, if you got the leadership qualities, the drive and the energy to put in your effort to prove the best, we definitely absorb the best performed student. However, we do not guarntee.

About the stay

Is it safe?

As the safety of our students is our main concern, our have been located located at the most prime areas in both Pune and New Delhi.

Though bad things can happen anywhere our locations make it easy for students to stay safe, as our academies located close to metro and public transport and in areas that are considered safe.

Where should I stay and what is the price?

SMA Pune

Since Pune is a student eccentric city, the cost of living is any where between INR 4,000/- to INR 12,000/- (student flat share or room share, pg accommodations etc.)www.getsethomes.com

SMA Delhi

Delhi is Capital of the Country hence the population is quite bit, you can find a variety of budget pg’s around as well residential rentals.

What is the living expenses for food, etc?
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