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*This course is for educated Makeup Artists only. If you are a beginner please consider one of the professional programs. for example the P5 or P6 makeup program which includes fashion and photography makeup. 

The fashion & photography makeup course is a course directed towards makeup artists with a passion for high fashion in all aspects.

The students explore the historical, contemporary and futuristic fashion perspectives and integrate these influences within the makeup design process.

Fashion show production with reference to makeup is introduced. Makeup skills are honed with a focus on fashion photography. The students create a makeup sketch as part of its design board, and then create the final look. They learn how to collaborate with a hairstylist, fashion stylist and photographer to realize an artistic vision. They are able to explore the contrasts between black and white; street and alternative; real and camouflage applications.

The students will learn to identify the importance of images in Advertisements and promotions, being able to target a specific group successfully – and the students will be able to recognise the different trends through the history from the decades from the 1920´s until today’s make up styles.


  • Increase speed in makeup application.
  • Identify makeup fashions and trends of specific decades with accuracy. (Make up history)
  • Recognize and identify current makeup fashion.
  • Gain awareness of the continual changes in makeup, its trends and alternative looks.
  • Acquire skills to create a makeup sketch of face charts for fashion.
  • Apply makeup with corrective and camouflage techniques.
  • Coordinate the makeup look with the hairstylist’s, fashion stylist and photographer’s artistic visions.
  • Work effectively with models, stylists and photographers.
  • Learn the proper etiquette when working with a production team.
  • Understand the various positions and the respective responsibilities within a photo studio.
  • Have a working knowledge of fashion photography with regards to makeup application.
  • Use the appropriate etiquette and understand the various comfort levels with body makeup application.
  • Photography fundamentals, understanding the fundamental rules of light and makeup.
  • Period Makeup of each decade from 1920s till today


  • Only the best International SMA Certified Instructors.
  • Full time education: 7-8 hours professional training per day.
  • NO surprise cost or extra fees. All makeup, brushes, equipment and materials are included in the course fee.
  • ONLY original FDA approved products.
  • Internationally recognised certification from SMA - Scandinavian Makeup Academy


SMA Pune

04. March to 17. March 2020
03. June to 12. June 2020
28. August to 07. September 2020
03. December to 14. December 2020

* If the dates do not suit you, please contact SMA to learn about alternate options.

SMA Delhi

06. January to 16. January 2020
07. April to 16. April 2020
01. July to 10. July 2020
25. September to 07. October 2020

* If the dates do not suit you, please contact SMA to schedule a private course.

SMA Bengaluru

16. March to 26. March 2020
17. June to 26. June 2020
14. September to 23. September 2020
24. December to 06. January 2021

* If the dates do not suit you, please contact SMA to schedule a private course.


 59,550,-INR – including GST.

Course fee includes:

  • Makeup to be used during education
  • SMA shirt, towel and makeup cape
  • SMA Education Certificate
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Digital digital portfolio


Class hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Duration: 8 days
Class Hours: 56 hours

“I love it here at the school. Just the thought of the course ending makes me sad. The school and the teachers are amazing and super professional, but we can still have fun and laugh. I’ve made friends for life among my fellow students. Everyone are so sweet and we are having a great time. I’ve learned so much at SMA. Feel blessed every day to wake up and go the the best school with the best teachers.

Christina Marie


“It has been a transforming experience, 3 months of variety of makeup courses including special effects and fantasy that no school in Thailand offers. It’s been a great journey and we were blessed to have experienced and super talented teachers to guide us! Thank you for having us Scandinavian Makeup Academy!”

Ambika Madarasmi


“The school is great, the teachers are top notch pros and truly passionate about teaching and helping students to grow. They cover every angle of the beauty industry, and it’s 7 hours a day of intense study, hands on training and photo shoots. I had one of the best experiences of my life at Scandinavian Makeup Academy..!”

Jessica Tseng


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