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      "I love special effects. Want to throw in a vampire and a lesbian unicorn while you're at it? Go ahead."



      Special effects makeup (non-prosthetics) opens the door to a whole new world of makeup artistry that can be used in both TV, film and creative disciplines. The subjects and learnings include scars, injuries, age-transformation, bald caps and more. During this course, students are getting familiar with some of the best materials, application and production techniques in non-prosthetics special effects.

      Students will experiment with latex, wax and gel to create textures, colours and contours. Techniques for the application of bald caps, beards, moustaches and sideburns are covered. The students produce realistic trauma including scars, bullet holes, lacerations, bruises, scabs, cuts, blisters and burns.

      As part of the exam, students develop and apply special effects makeup for a scripted character blurring the lines between illusion and reality.


      Students will learn the following educational themes:

      • Refine the application of structural makeup crèmes, highlights and shadows to depict aging of the face and hands.
      • Analyse and compare professional products and their uses.
      • Test products for allergic reactions on human skin.
      • Identify and correctly label the anatomical structure of the face with regards to bones & muscles
      • Apply latex correctly for depicting scars, warts and aging.
      • Apply wax correctly to depict bullet holes, scars, cuts, lacerations & road rash.
      • Interpret wounds from photos and recreate them through correct application or techniques.
      • Recreate blisters and boils through the application of special makeup products.
      • Apply a structural makeup using carrying techniques to depict bruises, old and new.
      • Use makeup effects to depict cuts, scratches, black eyes, dirt and blister damage, scabs and drawn cuts.
      • Understand characteristics of first, second, and third degree burns.
      • Depict second and third degree burns with gel effects.
      • Apply a bald cap correctly and colour to models skin tones accurately.
      • Prepare crepe hair correctly for application.
      • Lay beards, moustaches and sideburns using crepe hair.
      • Trim and style beards, moustaches & sideburns.
      • Review the application and cleaning of a ventilated moustache.
      • Develop and apply the appropriate special makeup requirements for a scripted character.


      • Only the best SMA Certified Instructors.
      • Full time education: 7-8 hours professional training per day.
      • NO surprise cost or extra fees. All makeup, brushes, equipment and materials are included in the course fee.
      • ONLY original FDA approved products.
      • Internationally recognised certification from SMA - Scandinavian Makeup Academy.


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      Course Fee includes:

      • Makeup to be used during education
      • Digital portfolio pictures
      • SMA Education Certificate

      Class hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
      Duration: 11 days
      Education hours: 77 hours

      “I love it here at the school. Just the thought of the course ending makes me sad. The school and the teachers are amazing and super professional, but we can still have fun and laugh. I’ve made friends for life among my fellow students. Everyone are so sweet and we are having a great time. I’ve learned so much at SMA. Feel blessed every day to wake up and go the the best school with the best teachers.

      Christina Marie


      “It has been a transforming experience, 3 months of variety of makeup courses including special effects and fantasy that no school in Thailand offers. It’s been a great journey and we were blessed to have experienced and super talented teachers to guide us! Thank you for having us Scandinavian Makeup Academy!”

      Ambika Madarasmi


      “The school is great, the teachers are top notch pros and truly passionate about teaching and helping students to grow. They cover every angle of the beauty industry, and it’s 7 hours a day of intense study, hands on training and photo shoots. I had one of the best experiences of my life at Scandinavian Makeup Academy..!”

      Jessica Tseng


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